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The Final Four

I’ve been busy today doing the ‘neat’ draft of the final four blocks.  Of course I should have done them before I left for the US but, well you know how it is! Before I show you the blocks coming … Continue reading

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April’s blocks

I’ll be sending April’s blocks out later today and I am hoping there won’t be any errant blocks floating around the stratosphere instead of in your inboxes where they belong. Webmeister Jenn and I talked about it the other day … Continue reading

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March mail-out

I’m going to put my PS at the start just to be different because !!! I’ve just realised I forgot to hit publish on Saturday, 😦 For those of you who joined the program at or near the start, your … Continue reading

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February mail-out

The weeks race by so quickly that it’s just about time to send out four more patterns. I hate to do a post immediatedly after Ady’s latest blocks so please scroll down to the previous post to see what Ady … Continue reading

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January mail -out

 Happy 2012 What have I been doing over our summer break? Lots of Maltaville sewing, plus other sewing, it’s been so lovely and relaxing, pottering away by myself in my little studio space… I can’t begin to tell you. I … Continue reading

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December Mail-out

I have been having fun in my new studio space. I’m in and have started making a mess already, LOL doesn’t take long does it! Lots of little bits of discarded fabric on the floor, I should have asked Santa … Continue reading

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November Mailout #10

I haven’t been on here for ages it seems. I think there may be something I have done wrong with my settings as I’m not getting notification when a new post is up…help Jenn!! I’ve finally logged on and see … Continue reading

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