And here it is – my Malataville top

So – what do I have now? One finished Maltaville top, a (relatively) clean dining room table (which is where I work and audition fabrics), and a  bitter-sweet sence of  the end of a great experience. It’s been a wonderful journey that has taught me a lot. For one thing, this quilt was the reason I started using back-basting, a method that completely changed my view of applique. It has also taught me about patience, and about camaraderie with quilters from all over the world, as well as quilters from long ago. And for all of that I owe Margaret a huge debt of gratitude. Dear Margaret, you’ve done such a marvelous job, both in producing the pattern for this beauty and making it available to quilters so far away – so thank you for allowing us to join you on your journey.


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4 Responses to And here it is – my Malataville top

  1. It looks absolutely wonderful.Dorothy

  2. Fantastic Ady! Congratulations on your dedication. Wendy x

  3. Margaret says:

    Ady, it is wonderful, well done. We both have a bit of quilting to do huh :-))
    All your fabric choices have been brilliant. I’m sure we’ll be in touch again, til soon
    M xx

  4. Ady it is just so beautiful I am so sorry I didn’t participate in this BOM the quilt is just so beautiful
    can’t wait to see how you quilt it.

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