How do I contribute to this blog?

To be a contributor to the blog you must first have purchased The Maltaville Album Quilt ~ Block of the Month.  This programme was available between February 2011 and January 2013. If you have been a participant in the programme but have not yet joined the Maltaville blog, please follow the steps below…

…If you already have a wordpress blog, it will be a straight forward process, I will add your email address to the contributor list and you will be able to log-in to wordpress with your existing log-in details and the Maltaville Album Quilt blog will appear, ready for you to go to the Dashboard.

…If you don’t have a wordpress account you will need to set one up but it isn’t necessary for you to create a wordpress blog…see the steps below.

Step one: I will send you an email invitation to join via with a link to accept.  The link takes you to the sign up page which has an offer to Get your own account in seconds.  The main part of the page shows how to get your own blog but ignore that (they always make it easy to get another blog don’t they…and a bit less obvious how to not get another blog).                                             Over to the right is a smaller link with the text Sign up for just a username…This is the link you will need to click.

Step two: The next page has boxes for you to fill in with a username of your choice and your own password. Continue with the sign up process. Make a note of your username and password ’cause I won’t know what it is.

Step three: You will receive another email to activate your account and once that’s done you will be able toLog-in and go straight to the Dashboard of this blog.

Then you’ll be able to post comments and photo’s and I hope you will want to as my plan for creating this blog was so that we could all share the journey.

I’m looking forward to seeing your Maltaville Album Quilt come to life too…

happy stitching,



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