Block G3- I enjoyed doing the blue skinny stems on this block and needle- turned the cherries and I think they manage to look like cherries.


Block E6 – I notice my colour red is a lot darker than what you have used, but I like the two colours together.  As you say, E6 and A6 were both pretty easy to do.


Block A6 – Didn’t have a variegated blue so used a blue from my stash.  Most of my reproduction fabrics don’t have any name or number on them, so I have to go with what is there.  I have since bought a couple of grab bags from America and it was like Christmas when I opened them to see what they had sent.  Fantastic and so much fabric!


Block E7 – I have just noticed that the poor old bird doesn’t have a beak as yet – will make a list of all the embroidery that needs to be done to complete the blocks.  The red and green goes well together 

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  1. Margaret says:

    haha, yes I too had a little (well not so little) pile of embroidery at the end too. It’s not my favourite thing to do, I don’t mind it but I’m not great at it. These blocks look great.

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