March mail-out

I’m going to put my PS at the start just to be different because !!! I’ve just realised I forgot to hit publish on Saturday, 😦

For those of you who joined the program at or near the start, your final payment instalment has been processed by Paypal and you’ve had notification emails from Paypal to say your profile has been cancelled.  That is all in order even though there are still more mail-outs.

March, April and May are still to be sent.

And good news, April will be sent early as I leave for the States on the 18th of April, but get back in time to send May’s on schedule.

I spent a few hours on Thursday sewing some of the blocks together, I still have 3 more blocks to stitch but I wanted to make a start on the assembly. . .I’m just too impatient 🙂

image of Maltaville blocks

Maltaville coming along nicely

I’ll show you more pics soon as I will get the top together asap.

But for now it’s mailout # 13 and here’s what’s coming next week.

image of block B7

Block B7

image of Block F3

Block F3

F3 has those fiddly calyxes the same as the centre block I’m afraid, but there’s only eight.

To make up for it there’s also an easy one.

image of Block G8

Block G8

I don’t think I had used that particular blue ombre in the quilt before, it has been in the Maltaville fabric basket for ages though.  I must have not had the right block for it before.  It’s a Mary Koval fabric and is perfect for this block and the next one.

image of Block F7

Block F7

Now I see that everything is very ’round’ this month.

Happy stitching everyone,


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2 Responses to March mail-out

  1. Debra Carraro says:

    No progress on Maltaville for the last 2 months. A complete lack of time on my part. Will try to remedy that this month. Blocks look good

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