April’s blocks

I’ll be sending April’s blocks out later today and I am hoping there won’t be any errant blocks floating around the stratosphere instead of in your inboxes where they belong.

Webmeister Jenn and I talked about it the other day and she suggested it may be a setting with the recipients’ internet providers halting mail with too many attachments.

I think there is probably nothing that I or any of you can do about that so we will just carry on and keep our fingers crossed.

But the blocks are being sent out today, so if you haven’t received them by tonight then please let me know asap.  I will be in the USA for three weeks and won’t have my computer with me so I won’t be able to resend any after Wednesday.

But enough of all that boring techno stuff 😉

before I show you the blocks for the month I want to show you a photo of my completed Maltaville Quilt top

image of my Maltaville Album Quilt

Finished, well the top 🙂

Can you spot a block fabric change I have made?

I’m taking it to the US with me as I’ll be meeting up with a few of you and I thought you might like to see it.

This month for mailout # 15 you will see

image of Block H6

Block H6

This Margo Krager Dargate Prussian Blue c 1830 (above) has been such a favourite fabric for this quilt.  It’s been perfect for so many blocks, four plus the centre block tho you’d be hard pressed to recognise it there, it’s in such small pieces.

Another Margo Krager Dargate Prussian Blue c1830 appears below and again this one has been one I keep coming back to.  It appears in four blocks.

image of Block F1

Block F1

Block B4 I blogged about on Quilt Station a while back so you can read more about it by clicking here

image of Block B4

Block B4

The name on the original block is Mary C or L Waterbury or Waterburg.

And lastly this month there will be

image of Block B1

Block B1

happy stitching

til next month


ps, please scroll down and see Ady’s two recent posts of February’s and March’s blocks, they’re fabulous

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