First Six Blocks

Hi Margaret,  hopefully we are off and running.  As you will note I don’t have the blocks in the order of yours, but I’ve taken photos of what has been completed and are now up on my design wall.  Block G4 is still waiting to be finished – I’m waiting for the fairies to come and make up all the circles!  Will get a rush of blood soon and will finish it off.  I’ve been trying to use fabrics close to what you have used, but after seeing the photos on this blog, I will have to refer to it from now on.  The colours are much brighter and I can easily see what you have used, whereas before, it was a case of “pretty close to”.


Block C8 – I’ve used a dark maroon to go with the blue and think it looks rather good.  

Block A4 – well I had to have a second go at getting this right.  It was upside down to start with and I had missed a couple of the moon shapes.  My centre piece is a dark mustard colour.

Block F4 – Had trouble trying to find a Prussian Blue, so used this one instead.  

Block F8 – I was hoping to have some of the dark orange colour for my next block (D3), but must have only had a small piece in the beginning.  

Block C4 – I have noticed on a few of the blog pictures, others have done the crown with laurel leaves each side, but I decided to leave as is.  I like the gold of the crown and enjoyed doing the reverse applique.

H8 – The points took some concentration and there’s probably only a few that are really pointed, although it looks ok in the photo.

I notice on my design wall that there’s quite a lot of blue, so will keep an eye on that corner for the other blocks that are in that area.

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1 Response to First Six Blocks

  1. Margaret says:

    Sandra, they look fantastic!!! And I am so glad to see them, you nailed it 🙂 I see you have added more, you’re on a roll. They’re gorgeous.

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