Shopping Links

I hope these links might help with any shopping you might want to do…these are places I shop at and, at the time of printing, they have some of the fabrics I have used in this quilt.

I’ll keep adding links as I find current sources for the fabrics used.

The two Prussian Blues used in the blocks in the first mailout are available here from Laptop quilts

The Fabric Shoppe has a good selection of Prussian Blues

Reproduction Fabrics has a great range of all manner of repro’s and is a good source of some which have already left my local shop (like a back catalogue) for prussian blues there’s a couple of repro yellow checks in here I wish I’d noticed last time I shopped, they’re better fabrics than the ones I used.

And here’s the home page link, it’s worth a look through the whole catalogue

And of course my local shop Threadbear which aims to (and succeeds) in stocking a very large range of 19th C repro’s.  Click fabrics on Threadbear’s menu and a drop down list of lots of gorgeous fabrics will appear.


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