January mail -out

 Happy 2012

What have I been doing over our summer break?

Lots of Maltaville sewing, plus other sewing, it’s been so lovely and relaxing, pottering away by myself in my little studio space… I can’t begin to tell you.

I feel totally reinvigorated for the year ahead, which is going to be exciting and busy.

I sent such a lot of Red and Green last month! When I look at this quilt ‘I’ see mostly Prussian Blue (and that’s what I rushed out and bought) and yet Red and Green is there in abundance too. This month I’ve tried to balance the colours more but there’s no way ’round it, there’ll be Red and there’s plenty of Green too.

You’ll be getting the Iris block, it had a change of direction mid stride.

You may like to see and read about it in progress here

But here is the finished block

image of Block C2

Block C2

It’s bit involved so in an effort to keep it all in balance there’s this one too

image of Block H2

Block H2

H2 was another one that sat on the back burner for awhile, those free form stars got the better of me I’m afraid and I reverted to template style.

image of Block A5

Block A5

A5  uses that Prussian Blue and Red combo that I think is really spectacular.

image of Block F6

Block F6

and back to a bit more R and G for F6, it’s a cutey tho

happy stitching,

til soon

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1 Response to January mail -out

  1. Love them all. 🙂
    Time to get a wriggle on and stitch. My number one son has just left home. I am taking over for some sit and sew space 🙂

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