December Mail-out

I have been having fun in my new studio space.

I’m in and have started making a mess already, LOL doesn’t take long does it!

image of studioLots of little bits of discarded fabric on the floor, I should have asked Santa for a vacuum cleaner for in here.

I’m afraid the move and the state of having whatever it was I was looking for being in ‘the other’ building, put me just a bit behind with getting pictures of this month’s blocks posted up here earlier.

But, never fear, they’re here now.

It’s very Red and Green this month… I was about to apologise for it but now as I’m typing I’m thinking these are very seasonal colours.

But it’s just that it was time to finish up a few that have been hanging around half done for (in some cases) *months*.

image of Block E2

Block E2

This one above was started soooo long ago and it was those tiny little leaves that stopped me progressing quickly with it,  they were pinned to the inside of my sewing basket that whole time, but of course once I set my mind to it I finished the rest of the block in a couple of evenings.  I must confess though…I buttonhole stitched the red fruit.

image of Block H4

Block H4

This block uses exactly the same fabric as the other one.  I cut the wavy outer border as one complete piece and appliqued it last, after all the other pieces were done.

Have you seen this photo of fabric auditioning?

image of Auditioning fabrics

Auditioning fabrics for block G5

I wasn’t sure which fabric to use for the crescents and in the end didn’t use any of the above

image of Block G5

Block G5

In the end (yes this was another one hanging around awhile) I used the same fabric as in A3, it is the same just cut from a different section.

and finally for this month

image of Block D7

Block D7

So mmmm yes, lots of red and green ;-0

I hope that over the holiday break you’re able to find a bit of time to enjoy some sewing.  If it’s hot where you are “stay cool”, if it’s cold “stay warm and snuggly” but wherever you are…

…stay safe and I’ll see you in January


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2 Responses to December Mail-out

  1. I do like these little birds, Margaret!

  2. Debra Carraro says:

    Love these blocks as well. Love the Christmas coloured fabric as well. I now have 18 1/2 blocks completed and 3 more prepped ready to go. When I learn how to send you photos you will have them. In the mean time Happy Christmas and Happy Stitching in the New year!!

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