May Blocks – the Last Ones…

Well, here they are. I was  bit melnacholy working on them – this has been such a wonderful journey, it’s sad to see it coming to a close. On the other hand – well, I did want to see the whole top, and I have a guild meeting on the first Tuesday of the month, so made an effort to finish (yes, I want to brag :-)). This month’s definite favorite was G7, although B2 was a close runner up. I loved using the quirky sort-of-checked black-green-yellow print, which does not look like it would lend itself well to floral applique, but does – with a vengeance. And for A1, the floral shape with the blue ombre stripe, I had to dig through my entire stash – I knew I had this print somewhere but had NO idea where. As you can see, it may have taken a day of rummaging, but I got it.

PS – sorry about the quality of the photos – my camera has gone a bit lame and needs a visit to the local fix-it guy.

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