April Blocks

April’s blocks went quite fast – maybe due to the fact that I started putting the blocks together. They seem quite different when joined, and I’m pretty amazed – I like them even better this way. For B4 and B1 I chose reds and greens already used before – I’m partial to the Lancaster Reds line, and tend to use a lot of them, although the fabric itself is quite ‘meaty’ so a tad more difficult to applique. The green in B1 is a Jo Morton I liked so much I bought yards and yards of – one can never have too much of a good green. Or yellow. For F1 I chose a rather old, brilliant blue from the old Pilgrim and Roy line, manufactured sometine in the Nineties. Wish I had bought more – I’m down to the last bits. But this month’s favorite is definitely H6 – I have already admitted to an inordinate liking of the Delaines line – well, here’s the Delaines stripe in all its glory. Not a shy, self-effacing block, I’m afraid, but I just love the effect. It plays rather well with the blocks placed next to it.
I can’t wait for the last four blocks – and yet, this has been such a great journey I’m a bit sad it’s about to end. Happy quilting – Ady

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4 Responses to April Blocks

  1. wdwhellum says:

    You are so good Ady! Such an inspiration. Blocks look wonderful. Love the blue.

  2. Debbie says:

    Well done Ady. I am still way behind on my Maltaville, due to a distinct lack of time lately. Your blocks always look great and I love seeing them.

  3. joelle says:

    I just cant wait to get the patterns and start!!

  4. Margaret says:

    Hi Ady, yes I too am sad to see it come to an end. I must say a special thank you to you for keeping up, you are a champ 🙂
    Your blocks this month look terrific as always.
    happy stitching,

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